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About Genmacs


Since 2014, Genmacs has been designing, manufacturing, and installing cost-effective accident prevention perimeter guards and fence systems for leading organisations in the sector. Founded by a passionate group of young entrepreneurs, we aim to provide high quality custom tailored safety solutions to companies around the world.

All of our manufactured safety fence systems and accessories are fully compliant with ISO-CE regulations in Turkey and around the world in many fields and applications. At Genmacs, we believe continuous improvement; we are currently serving Customers from our 10,000 m factory in Turkey, however, our goal is to increase production capacity and maximise our service quality even further.

We have also been continuing our research and development efforts in the field of Occupational Health and Safety without slowing down with our ultimate aims being to capture the global market share with our domestic production.

We work hard to provide all our clients with uncompromising quality through our industry expertise, competitive rates, and a custom-tailored experience to fit their company’s unique needs.

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