Protection  device heights for areas with high hazard potential are given in the table in the pictures. The specified values are referenced for access via the physical  protective device (CRO)

In order to stay in the safe area, “C” is accepted as the  reference value, whichever is greater of the CIRO and CRT values determined in  the tables above.

From physical protection devices, locking devices should  be used to control access to the machine (due to maintenance-adjustment, etc.).  Some calculations must be made to correctly position the fencing systems used  with the locking device.

Protection gear heights for areas with high hazard  potential are given in the table.

Proceed as follows to determine the required height of  the upper edge of the protective device at this safety distance:

3. Read the height B obtained for the physical protection  device in the bottom line. (Ex. 1800mm)

2. In this row, determine the column in which the  horizontal distance C is the smallest according to the calculated safety  distance. (For example, the first field with a value of “0”)

1.  Determine the height of the hazardous location A and look for this value in the left column. eg. 1000mm.

From physical  protection devices, locking devices should be used to control access to the  machine (due to maintenance-adjustment, etc.). Some calculations must be made in order to correctly position the door or transition zones of the fence systems used with the locking device.

These calculations are based on the standard EN ISO  13855. Accordingly, the safety distance calculation formula for the door to  which the lock or sensor equipment is connected is explained in the image on  the right.


S is the minimum distance in millimeters from the next  dangerous zone to the door opening point.

K is a parameter derived from the data of the approach  velocities of the body or body parts, in millimeters per second. This is  usually 1600 mm/s.

T is the downtime of the entire system in seconds.

C The safety distance taken from the relevant table in  ISO 13857 standards (safety distance depending on the openings of the separator  protection devices).

Safety Distance for Locked Physical Protection Device

Danger Zone

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